• Large spread of fruits and vegetables

5 Heart-Healthy Diet Recommendations

June 7th, 2022|

We all know the importance of a healthy diet, but do you know specifically how eating right can decrease your chances of developing heart disease? It’s difficult to make substantial changes in your diet if you’ve been allowing yourself to consume unhealthy foods for a while. However, the difference in [...]

  • Human heart with blocked arteries illustration

Heart Attack Survival Rates

May 12th, 2022|

Also known as myocardial infarction, heart attacks can occur to just about anyone. However, not all are fatal. Based on various factors, some people come through a myocardial infarction and go on to live a full life. Others may not. So, what exactly causes some people to survive heart attacks [...]

  • Man over 50 running along road exercising

Tips for Healthy Lungs

March 1st, 2022|

While you hear a lot about heart health, taking care of your lungs is just as important. Lungs provide the rest of your organs with essential oxygen to flourish and fight disease. As time goes by, it's easy to pick up bad habits that can be hard on your lungs.

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