What is a Bone Density Test?

Designed to tell you whether or not the strength of your bones is within the normal range for your age. As the only test that can diagnose osteoporosis, it is highly recommended for older adults, especially women who have gone through menopause.

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What Can a Lung CT Scan Detect?

CT scans offer more in-depth and detailed views of the inside of the body when compared to typical x-rays. In particular, a low-dose CT scanner uses a minimal amount of radiation to produce high-quality images, giving radiologists a clear view of any abnormalities in the lungs.

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What is a Virtual Colonoscopy?

The goal of a virtual colonoscopy procedure is to screen for any abnormalities or signs of cancer using a less invasive procedure. A virtual colonoscopy uses CT (computed tomography) technology to take a digital image of the inside of your digestive organs, large intestines and rectum.

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What is a Low-Dose CT Scanner?

A CT scanner, also known as a CAT scan, is a type of medical imaging device that helps healthcare professionals detect problems in a person’s organs, bones, and other tissues using radiation. A low-dose CT scanner uses less radiation than a typical machine, so it's safer and easier for people to access preventative care.

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